Maintain your drains - dont wait for them to go wrong

January 7, 2014

Drains can often be taken for granted. Water goes down and you forget about it. However, when things go wrong, it can be costly, inconvenient and stressful. At RPD, we can provide an expert service at fixing your blocked drains at competitive rates. However, prevention is always better (and cheaper) than a cure. Blockages are often caused by food waste, hair and build-ups of fat. Discovering these before they form hard deposits and block your drains is vital. Check your drains regularly and get them maintained to prevent blockages. This will save you time, money and STRESS!

At RPD, we carry out 2 forms of drains maintenance; pre-planned and reactive. For pre-planned maintenance, customers choose a service to give their drains a regular check. This is typically done within once a year or every 6 months. This generally consists of cleaning of the following areas; toilets, soil stacks, pump chambers and water drains. Inspections will also be made on the quality of the plumbing as this is a major contributory factor. Reactive maintenance is an on-call service which can be called upon whenever you need it.

Basic Checks

The initial part of the maintenance inspections involves simple checks that anyone can do and could potentially save a lot of money if action is taken. Checks are made for tell-tale signs that include any gurgling sounds made when water is draining, foul smells emanating from the plug hole and water draining more slowly than usual. Checks can also be made for more basic issues, like lifting up the drain covers and looking for leaves, tree roots or standing water. Many of these will be symptoms of minor issues which can be fixed easily. However, ignoring them can result in major problems later on, which can be costly to fix.

CCTV Drainage Surveys

Performing basic checks on your drains do not give a complete picture on what their condition is. For a complete inspection, get a professional to perform a CCTV drain survey. This involves inserting a remotely controlled camera system into the drain, which returns full-colour footage. Our experienced technicians can analyse this footage to spot any blockages and also look for any structural issues with the drain or sewer. If any issues are identified, they can be repaired quickly and efficiently without causing unnecessary stress.

As said earlier, drains can often be taken for granted. That is until they go wrong and getting an emergency call-out can be costly and stressful. The cost of a drains inspection will always be less than the cost of repair so get your drains inspected today. If you need advice about maintaining your drains, call RPD today. We are the experts in drains maintenance and blocked drains in Wirral and are available 7 days a week.


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