How to increase water pressure in your home

April 15, 2014

Having adequate water pressure is an important part of modern-day living. Certain appliances require a certain level of pressure to function properly, such as washing machines and dishwashers. Adequate water pressure also helps the home run more efficiently, by allowing toilets and kettles to fill up more quickly. And let’s face it, a shower is always more relaxing when the water comes out with power.

So if your water pressure is not what it should be, what can be done about it? There are several ways to improve the pressure, which we will discuss.

Replace your water mains

There are several benefits to getting a replacement water main installed at your home. The most widely publicised reason is the presence of lead in the pipes, a problem that is more common in older properties. Having new mains installed will also lower the chances of leaks or blockages as well as being resistant to rust and corrosion.

However, replacing your water main can also improve the water pressure in your home. Modern pipes are designed to provide less water resistance and are the correct size to allow greater flow. A replacement water main also eliminates any leaks or blockages.

Check the plumbing

Sometimes, there will be an issue with the internal plumbing in the property, like a partially closed stop tap or a leak. Check your pipes and check for wet patches in the walls and ceilings. If these are present, call a plumber immediately. At RPD, we run an emergency plumber service, which can resolve issues like this. Call us on 0151 668 0833 for more information.

Get a pressure booster

Some companies manufacture pumps to improve the water pressure in the home. These can be used to supply the whole house or just for specific areas, such as a combi boiler.

Choose your time wisely

Some people decide to just live with it. In some older properties, the water supply will be shared with neighbouring homes so that the water pressure is dependent on the activities in other properties. In this situation, the time of day that you use your water supply will affect the pressure. Getting up early to shower and turning the washing machine on at night will help to maximise the water pressure.

However, this is not a solution that we are fond of. We believe that everyone is entitled to live in comfort and not have to compromise when using appliances.

Call us

At RPD, we have the equipment to analyse your water mains and determine any causes of low water pressure. We can then make the best recommendations on how to make improvements. Call us now on 0151 668 0833 for more information.


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