Consequences of blocked drains

May 14, 2014

Drain blockages are always an inconvenience, but getting them fixed is often low on the list of priorities for many people. Whilst fixing blocked drains in Wirral and across the North West, we regularly come across problems which have been allowed to build up until they cause serious damage.

There are many consequences to allowing your blocked drains to develop. Getting your drains sorted as soon as a blockage emerges can save you money in the long term and also prevent further damage and inconvenience to your home.


Blocked drains smell. They smell really bad. In hot weather, the smell will only get worse and spread throughout the home, making it an unpleasant living environment. The longer that the drain is left un-fixed, the more food will build up where you can’t see it and make it worse.
Drain blockages also make the sink areas more prone to bacteria, which can affect the health of your family and result in them becoming unwell.


The foul smells and stagnant water created by drain blockages can result in unwanted visitors in your home. This will most commonly come in the form of insects that carry germs and diseases. However, it can also attract larger vermin such as rats.


One consequence that can result from ignoring your blocked drains for an extended amount of time is water resurgence. This is when water from a toilet, shower or sink hits a blockage and is forced back up the pipes. This can result in your property becoming flooded with dirty water that may carry diseases. This can cause serious damage to your home and require you to replace furniture and carpets. It can also create problems with damp and cause structural damage to the building.

Cause pipes to leak

As water lies stagnant in the pipes, there is a chance they may leak. If the blockage is left un-fixed, leaks in hidden parts of the home can go unseen for a long time. Over time, this can create serious issues in your home. Damp and mould can build up, making living conditions difficult for anyone with respiratory conditions such as asthma. Any wood fixtures in the home may get stained or discoloured, which can result in them needing to be replaced. The longer this goes on for, the more likely that leaks can result in structural damage, such as rot in the wood.

Could be result of structural damage

Most of the time, blocked drains will be caused by the build-up of food waste or other waste products. However, occasionally blockages may be the result of structural damage to the pipework. The can be caused by tree roots or ground movement. Over time, this can have disastrous consequences and can even result in weakening the house foundations leading to subsidence.

Whilst some of these risks may be considered a “worst case scenario”, we regularly come across serious problems that have resulted from ignoring blocked drains. Getting the professionals at RPD to look at the issue early on can save you money and worry.


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