Should I Replace Lead Pipes?

October 16, 2018

A Lead Pipe

The discussion around lead pipes has been a story for many years now. Lead pipes are proven to be harmful for you, yet a large percentage of homes in the United Kingdom are still equipped with lead pipes. Replacing your lead pipes can cost some time and money – so there are people who feel that dangers of lead pipes in your home do not warrant the price of a lead pipe replacement. In this blog, we will look into reasons why you should, or should not replace lead pipes.

Why Should I Replace Lead Pipes?

Lead pipes are harmful – this is clear and scientists have proven this in 1970’s. Lead in general is unsuitable for humans, as the use of lead is generally banned in the products used by the populace. That is also why any house built after the seventies do not have any lead pipes built in.

As your pipes are made of lead, your water could be contaminated with lead.L lead is toxic for your cardiovascular system – where long term exposure could develop heart issues in many people. To add to that, damage to your kidneys and brain through lead exposure have also been confirmed.Pregnant women and children are the demography that are the most susceptible and vulnerable to health damage due to lead poisoning.

The question is, how dangerous is it exactly, and are people in immediate danger? In the long term there is a chance you might develop health issues due to lead poisoning, but in the short term the chances are not that large.

 Why Should I Not Replace Lead Pipes?

There are people who argue that the alternatives to lead pipes – PVC and Copper pipes are all similarly dangerous and of a lesser quality. However, that is untrue. Lead has a significantly higher chance of leaking into your water in comparison with PVC and copper pipes.

Another claim is that the dangers of lead pipes are simply so little that there is a 0.01% chance of you becoming ill due to lead poisoning. This claim is also disputable – as a minimum amount of lead in your water could already lead to a severe health hazard.

Conclusion: You Should Replace Your Lead Pipes As Soon As Possible

All things considered, the likelihood of you and your loved ones suffering from lead poisoning induced health problems is large enough to offset any costs for your replacement. Luckily, at RPDNW we can offer you to a very good deal on our lead pipe replacement service. Why not give us a call today?


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