Blocked Drains FAQ's

January 10, 2019

How can I prevent a blocked drain?

To avoid becoming a victim to blocked drains it is important to regularly maintain your drainage system, by doing this you will be minimising the risk of a blocked or clogged drain.

Our team of specialist engineers will be able to carry out the proper maintenance procedures that are designed to keep your drains flowing smoothly and help prevent any possible flooding.

Regular maintenance of your drainage system is absolutely crucial in preventing your drains from becoming blocked.  The disruptions caused by blocked drains can be devastating especially for commercial businesses as it can cause a lot of damage to the property which can be very costly.


What are the signs that my drain is blocked?

Knowing the signs of when your drain is blocked is very important, this can help you prevent the problem before it spirals out of control and you are left looking for an emergency callout.

The most prominent sign to look out for is when your sink, shower or bath is draining slower than usual, this is an early sign that you should really consider getting someone out to look at your drains. The next sign is when the water doesn’t drain at all and is rising when you flush, run a tap or have a shower.

You may also hear unusual noises when flushing or using the sink, this is also an early warning sign of a blocked pipe as unusual sounds are created when air is trapped inside the pipes by a blockage.

When you have a blocked drain you might also experience an unpleasant smell, this can be due to something which has blocked the drain and is starting to rot. The smell can be detected even before you experience any problems with draining your appliances and is a good early sign that your drains are on the verge of being blocked.


How can my drains be unblocked?

When unblocking drains it can be difficult to know where the problem lies. At RPD we are able to use CCTV technology to help us identify the problem quickly and efficiently without causing any disruption to the drainage system. This is a method we use for the majority of blocked drains we come across and is a very effective technique.

Once the source of the problem is found the usual solution is to use high-pressure jet draining machines which are fitted to all RPD vehicles. This will be able to unblock drains, sewers and pips in a quick and efficient manner.


What causes blocked drains?

The causes of blocked drains often varies from which part of the house is first experiencing the blockage. Below is the list of the most common causes for blocked drains:

Bath and sink: Hair

This is mostly caused when washing your hair, as many of us have probably experienced before when washing your hair you might see a few hairs fall out that immediately go down the drain. As the hair is travelling down the drain it can get caught on obstacles that it comes across and this collection of hair can build up so much that it slows down the drainage process and can cause your sink or shower to start flooding, forcing you to unblock the drain.

Toilet: Foreign Objects i.e. Toys, Mobile Phones

A common occurrence for toilets being blocked is usually down to foreign objects such as toys and phons being flushed down the drain. As the pipes aren’t designed to take items like this they tend to always get stuck which then leads to the inevitable blockage.

Kitchen: Grease & Fat

Grease and fat are regularly found in kitchen sink drains, this is mainly due to washing dishes and pans which still have residue of grease and fat, once they become cold they solidify and stick to the drains. This causes a build up between existing debris inside the drain and cause a blockage.

Outside: Leaves and plant waste

Often in the autumn time, leaves and other plant waste can become stuck into guttering drains which can then find its way into the drainage system and cause a blockage. By getting your guttering drains regularly cleaned out you can prevent this occurrence from happening. 


How much does it cost to clear a blocked drain?

Depending on the severity of the problem, it is relatively inexpensive to unblock a drain. At RPD we offer very competitive prices, you can see for yourself by using our online quote form.


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