Guide to Preventing a Blocked Drain |

November 30, 2018
Everyone has come across a problem with their drains occasionally. You know it is that time again once you smell rotten eggs coming from your drains, you see that the water level from the sink is still rising but you have no idea what caused it. However, most of the time those issues could have been avoided. At RPDNW, we have seen our fair share of blocked drains and we have listed a few ways to avoid these blocked drains, to ensure you will not end up paying for services in order to get your drains unblocked every few months or so.

Home Insurance and Drainage | RPDNW

May 31, 2018
Home Insurance is complex and can be hard to understand for the average person, according to a nationwide study done by UKDN Waterflow. Just over 1 in 10 people think home insurance and the terms that come with it are easy to understand.

The Cold Hard Facts of Blocked Drains in the UK

October 19, 2017
In this blog post, we outline the cold hard facts about blocked drains in the United Kingdom. We reveal where in the UK suffers from the highest proportion of blocked drains and we outline in detail the exact extent of the problem using interesting facts and statistics.

The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Plumbing Problems

June 10, 2016
Each day thousands of people fall foul of totally avoidable plumbing problems. These problems are inconvenient and costly for homeowners. If you would like to avoid these plumbing problems and instead spend your hard earned cash on other more important items, we urge you to read this post carefully.

Drains and Subsistence

November 6, 2015
Subsistence is defined by the Institution of Structural Engineers as "the downward movement of a building’s foundation caused by the loss of support site beneath the foundation”. In this post I discuss common causes of subsistence, the signs of subsistence and action you may take to remedy this unfortunate problem, particularly with reference to your drains.

Consequences of blocked drains

May 14, 2014
Drain blockages are always an inconvenience, but getting them fixed is often low on the list of priorities for many people. Whilst fixing blocked drains in Wirral and across the North West, we regularly come across problems which have been allowed to build up until they cause serious damage.