Why Should You Have a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey?

May 5, 2020
A pre-purchase drain survey is a tiny investment compared to the hundreds of thousands of pounds required to buy a house. Yet, the state of drainage systems is typically overlooked by standard house surveys. All manner of problems may be lurking beneath the surface without the buyer knowing anything about it.

Why You Probably Shouldn't Clear a Drain Yourself

March 29, 2019
There is nothing more frustrating than a blocked kitchen drain or toilet late on a Saturday night. Suddenly you are faced with the dilemma of either attempting to fix the problem yourself or calling in a professional plumber and paying the extra cost of a weekend service call. Most homeowners opt for the first option and attempt to fix the problem themselves. Homeowners assume that they can save money by doing a DIY drain cleaning job, but you could easily end up with a more serious and expensive problem on your hands. You really should think twice before attempting to unblock your own drains.

Blocked Drains FAQ's

January 10, 2019
At RPD, we have over 15 years' experience in drainage so there isn't a lot that we haven't heard or come across. So we have decided to create a blog about the most frequently asked questions we receive when it comes to blocked drains. The blog lists common issues that people are faced with when dealing with drains and also provides information on how you can stop these occurrences from happening.

How to Prevent a Blocked Drain

November 30, 2018
Everyone has come across a problem with their drains occasionally. You know it is that time again once you smell rotten eggs coming from your drains, you see that the water level from the sink is still rising but you have no idea what caused it. However, most of the time those issues could have been avoided. At RPDNW, we have seen our fair share of blocked drains and we have listed a few ways to avoid these blocked drains, to ensure you will not end up paying for services in order to get your drains unblocked every few months or so.

Should I Replace Lead Pipes?

October 16, 2018
The discussion around lead pipes has been a story for many years now. Lead pipes are proven to be harmful for you, yet a large percentage of homes in the United Kingdom are still equipped with lead pipes. Replacing your lead pipes can cost some time and money, there are people who feel that dangers of lead pipes in your home do not warrant the price of a lead pipe replacement. In this blog, we will look into reasons why you should, or should not replace lead pipes.

Replacing Lead Pipes

September 6, 2018
Over 30 percent of all properties that have been constructed before the start of the 1970"s are fitted with some sort of lead pipes according to various statistics. However, lead is known to have damaging effects to your health. Replacing your lead pipes at home can prevent many illnesses and diseases.
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