Bathroom Blockages Wirral

Are you finding it difficult to flush your toilet?  Does the water drain away very slowly?  You could have a blockage.  At RPD  we are experts when it comes to bathroom blockages.  All of our engineers are fully qualified and hired directly by us.

What causes blocked drains in your bathroom?

Bathroom blockages can be particularly nasty.  When various elements such as soap, silt, and hair are washed away they are directed to your drains.  If left to gather over a period of time they can cause a blockage and wastewater will not be able to escape past it. When wastewater can’t flow it can back up into your property, from the toilet, sink or drains causing damage and health risks. Fortunately, our team at RPD have all the experience and knowledge required to sort the issue.

Domestic Blocked Drain Solutions 

No job is too big or small for our team at RPD, whether you have a blocked toilet or sink, or maybe the problem is more complicated and linked to outside pipework. Our expert engineers can tackle any issues relating to blocked drains in your Wirral home or business.

Commercial Blocked Drain Solutions 

If you are in the commercial sector the last thing need is downtime to your business due to a blocked drain.  Our team will perform a full drainage inspection to locate the source and to ensure the most suitable method is chosen.  Our aim is to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently allowing you to continue with your working day.
Interested in our commercial drainage services? Find out more

Persistent Drainage Problems?

We offer a CCTV drain inspections to get to the root of any problems… Find out more


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At RPD our engineers are on call 7 days a week. Our vehicles are fitted with high pressure jetting machines to ensure we fix the issue quickly and efficiently.

If you have a blocked drain and you live on the Wirral or in the North West call us at RPD Services on 0151 668 0833 or email us and we will get straight back to you.