Blocked Drains Toxteth

We have been unblocking drains in Toxteth for over 15 years from small terraced houses in Park Road to large flats in Sefton park.

We understand the local area and most of the time blocked drains can be easily repaired on the day with minimal fuss.

Common Blockage

Drains and pipes often get blocked by a foreign object and the water may be backing up when you turn on your sink or washing machine, this can not only cause damage to your property but also leave some really nasty smells around the home.

This is a very simple fix for our plumbers who will be in and out in no time at all.

Toilet Blockages

Sometimes when your toilet is blocked it may be a simple blockage in the bend, but sometimes it may be a blockage further down your local sewer network. Here we can inspect blockages with cctv and use high powered water jets to break up any blockages and give your drains a good clean.

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