Drain Relining Wirral

Drain Relining in Wirral can often mean that you don't have to go to the expense and hassle of digging up your lawn, yard or driveway to repair old and damaged drains which can cause havoc for homeowners, their neighbours and even businesses.

Our expert engineers favour drain relining, as opposed to more costly and invasive trenching solutions whereby we would need to dig up the surrounding driveway and street. Relining requires no excavation and leaves your drain as good as new.

The new pipe-liner is installed from a single access point where the liner material is launched into the old pipe. The liner is shot down straight to the adjacent drain where it meets the street.The new liner will eliminate root intrusion and repair broken pipes. 

We only use the very best products: our liner material and installation is the best in the United Kingdom.

The Process

  • First we inspect your drain with our advanced CCTV camera showing us the problem area. 
  • The liner is rolled out and cut to job specification.
  • A resin is poured into the felt liner. The wet liner is compressed through a calibration liner to 100% saturation. The liner is then transported to the inversion unit, which shoots the liner into the host pipe in one shot until the liner reaches the end of the pipe (where the pipe meets the street).
  • A calibration liner is loaded into the felt liner and pumped with air until the liner is bonded to the old pipe.
  • Air is released when the liner is in the correct position and the calibration tube is removed.
  • Lastly, we conduct a post CCTV inspection to confirm a satisfactory relining.


The result is a fully repaired pipe from your property all the way to the sewer – and no digging is required!

The Benefits of Drain Relining

  • Elimination of root intrusion
  • Restoration of cracked pipes
  • Closes holes in pipe walls
  • Prevent infiltration and exfiltration
  • Lowers overall costs

Take advantage of RPD NW approved drain relining technology.  If you need drain relining wirral or drain relinng Liverpool,  (repair, replacement or simply cleaning) call the team on 0151 668 0833


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