Drain Repair Liverpool

Drain Repair Liverpool

Here at RPD (Reactive Plumbing & Drainage Ltd), we provide emergency plumbing and drainage services to assist you with any drain repair Liverpool needs. Specialising in burst pipes, blocked drains, water main replacements, high pressure jetting and professional digital colour drain camera surveys, we’re able to provide our wide range of emergency plumbing services at any time, any day, setting us apart from other plumbing and drainage services in Liverpool.

Drain Repairs Liverpool

With over 15 years of experience in drain repairs in Liverpool, we’re dedicated and highly skilled in the services we provide. As we offer our drain repair services to both commercial and domestic sectors, we guarantee that we’ll have the solution to your problem. If you need assistance with plumbing or drainpipe repairs in Liverpool, just give us a call on 0151 668 0833 and we’ll be with you as soon as we can. We aim to offer as many same day callouts as we can, so it’s likely one of our professional engineers will be with you in the Liverpool area on the same day that you call us.


Specialising in Drain Maintenance Liverpool

Some people may not realise the importance of regular drain maintenance, but it can save you the time, money and stress spent on complications when a problem arises. Ensuring that your drainage system is working effectively is a necessity to every household. Blockages can occur quite easily without the proper drainage solutions or high-quality disposals like what we utilise at RPD.

Perhaps you’ve never paid any real attention to your drainage systems? Or maybe you’ve even attempted to fix a problem yourself? Now is the time to let the experts take over and make sure you have a fully functioning drain maintenance service that you can depend on.

We’ll initially use our high-quality CCTV equipment to perform a survey on your underground pipes which need repairing. This causes minimal disruption to your home life or your business premises as we access your drains allowing us to review the best course of action. You don’t even need to be on location when we’re there, we’ll keep you updated over the phone.



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Drain Jetting Services

Want to remove that unwanted grime and kill the annoying grease stuck in your drain to prevent the need for drain repairs Liverpool? The most effective way to get rid of these unwanted depositories is by using our excellent pressurised water jet service. All our RPD engineers’ vans are equipped with these fantastic tools that can reach highs of 200 bars of solid pressure.

We can blast through those nasty buildups of hair, grease, and any other unwanted disposables that could be contributing to blocked drains, all the while using the same liquid that you’d take a bath in with no added chemicals. Our high-pressure jets can even blast through tree roots which may have burrowed into vacant drains, causing uproar to your drainpipes.

There is nothing we have found that’s more effective at removing dirt from your drains as our high-pressure water jets. Our fast, effective, and economical services will be a life saver for you when it comes to drain blockages. In particular, our bi-yearly maintenance services can save you a lot of disruption if a blockage occurs; think preventative measures rather than emergency fixes and you’ll save a lot of time and money.


Check our FAQ’s on Drain repair Liverpool

What has blocked my drains?

Some of the most commons causes as to why your drains are blocked will be hair (most likely from washing your hair as it can catch on obstacles when travelling down the drain causing a buildup), grease/fat (this is very common in kitchen sinks from washing dishes with a buildup of fat on them, these then solidify and stick to your drains), foreign objects (commonly found when toys, phones, etc. are flushed down the toilet) and leaves or plant waste (leaves are found in your guttering drains which can then lead to blocking your drainage system).

How do I know if my drains are blocked?

Being able to identify when your drains are blocked can help to prevent future problems. Maybe you can hear strange noises or there’s an odd smell when using the sink or flushing the toilet, or your shower/bath is taking longer than normal to drain out. These are all signs that you could potentially have blocked drains and is the best time to get in touch with us to resolve the problem before it gets any worse.

How do we unblock your drains?

Using our expertise and dedicated team, we can utilise our CCTV technology to quickly identify the problem without causing unnecessary interference to your drainage system. Our high-pressure jet draining machines can unblock sewers, drains and pips quickly and effectively.

What is our drain repair costs?

You can use our online quote form to see our competitive pricing, but relatively speaking it’s inexpensive to unblock a drain, however this is dependent on the severity of the case. If you benefit from our regular drainage maintenance, you’ll be avoiding the cost of emergency drain repairs, particularly for commercial businesses which can experience significant damage along with high expenses from blocked drains.

What do our customers think?

We have fantastic reviews from our customers who we’ve helped in emergency and non-emergency situations. “I was very pleased with the effectiveness and efficient way the work was carried out by RPD. The communication from your office was fantastic, thank you for making an unpleasant experience a far less hassle!”. Here at RPD we’re proud to deliver high quality drain maintenance and repairs with fantastic customer service. We’re highly recommended, friendly, and efficient in our delivery of plumbing and drainage services.


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