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RPD NW LTD is a specialist drain contracting company based in Wirral, Merseyside. If your business or home is affected by drainage problems, contact us today for a free quote. Our engineers are available across the Wirral peninsula and we are available to diagnose problems with your drains 7 days a week.

You can get in touch today on 0151 668 0833. At RPD NW LTD, we employ a team of highly experienced drainage engineers. We offer an affordable service and we have served the Wirral for many years. We ensure drains are repaired within hours. This allows you to continue with your business or your domestic life without the inevitable disruption caused by faulty drains.

Why choose drainage contractors?

Drainage contractors in Wirral ensure your drains are correctly unblocked and repaired. Many people considering unblocking their own drains may not realise why their drains have become blocked in the first place. When you choose a drainage contractor like ourselves, we diagnose the cause of blocked drains using specialist CCTV equipment. This equipment allows our engineer to view the inners of your drains without the need to dig up your driveway, road or pavement.

If you attempt to unblock your own drains, you may be successful in removing the blockage, but if you do not carry out repair work, the issue is likely to quickly return. Swift repair of damaged drains allow you to avoid costlier replacement work. If you allow damaged drains to persist, the issues will progressively become worse over time. This means it’s essential for you to diagnose and then repair damaged drains without delay.

At RPD NW, we specialise in repairing and replacing drains. We have operated in this sector for more than a decade and in that time we’ve replaced and repaired drains for homeowners, business, housing associations, property developers and many different water authorities located across Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire and North Wales.

About our customers

Many of our customers based in Wirral are home owners. We also carry out work for local businesses and public bodies. We offer an emergency call out service. We also offer planned maintenance and inspection of drains. The latter service is popular amongst our commercial client-base, particularly schools, restaurants and health-care providers.

How drain contractors work

When you contact RPD NW LTD, a drainage contractor will travel to your property to carry out an important diagnostic task using CCTV equipment. This allows our drain contractor to look inside your drains without pulling up adjacent land. Once we’ve determined the cause of blocked drains, we then repair or replace your drains.

Where possible, we will always carry out the least disruptive action. For instance, we shall repair drains when possible. We shall only carry out drain replacement where absolutely necessary. In any case, modern drain relining techniques have largely made expensive excavation work unnecessary.

Some of the specific services we offer include:

  • Drainage unblocking: unblocking, cleaning and clearing
  • Toilet unblocking: toilets, urinals, and saniflo systems
  • Sink unblocking: u-bends, sinks, plug holes, p-traps
  • Drain repair: clay, metal and plastic drains

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To enquire about drain contractors in Wirral, contact us today. We provide a full written quote before work is carried out. If you require contractual work, we offer a full schedule of tasks to be completed during the course of the contract. We also supply specific dates these tasks are to be completed on. Get in touch today on 0151 668 0833.

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