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When you require a drainage engineer in Chester, contact RPD NW today. We provide a range of services. This includes drain unblocking, drain relining, drain excavation and CCTV drain surveying. This service is available 7 days a week and 365 days a year, depending on availability.


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Avoiding the pain of blocked drains

Why do some businesses, landlords, and residential property owners always seem to plan ahead for problems such as blocked drains when you simply wait until problems arise before you take action?

Your procrastination is likely costing you and your businesses. Millions of pounds were wasted last year up and down Britain because many property owners failed to consider the risk of blocked drains and what impact this may have on their business or family life.

A secret that lets you avoid this pain

Now we're going to let you in on a little secret that will save you thousands of pounds that's all too common when drains become blocked. But before I tell you of this secret, I'd like to tell you about Carl.

Meet Carl, a 43-year-old pub landlord

Carl is a 43-year-old pub landlord from Christleton, Chester. Carl is not tied to a brewery and so all the maintenance costs for his pub is required from his own pocket.

Last month, Carl's drains became blocked. This forced Carl to close his pub over the weekend whilst essential repair work was carried out. This meant Carl lost thousands of pounds in revenue. He also had to pay his staff to sit at home on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

What could Carl have done differently to have avoided this situation?

The answer to above question is shockingly simple. If Carl had received bi-yearly drainage inspections, we could have prevented his drains from becoming blocked in the first place. In turn, this would have meant his business was not forced to close due to blocked drains. And you guessed it, Carl would have earned every penny of his lost weekend's trade.

But what is the cost of this bi-yearly inspection?

The cost is surprisingly cheap. When you sign an annual maintenance contract, we give you an upfront quote before you sign the dotted line. This ensures you are able to spend your money in line with a pre-agreed budget.

What do these inspections entail?

When our engineer carries out this inspection, we may choose to carry out a fully CCTV survey of your drains. This ensures we get a good feel for the state of your drains. If repair work is needed, we give you a further quote before any work is carried out.

If repair work is not required, we clean your drains using high-pressure water jetting technology. This ensures all unwanted material is removed from the walls of your drain. Jetting will thus prevent your drains from blocking.

Listen closely: all intelligent property owners have been using this secret maintenance contract for years. It ensures their drains are in excellent condition, but more importantly, it ensures their drains do not force them to close their business or to take a day off work.

Getting in touch today

We feel that signing an annual and rolling maintenance contract is a significant opportunity for your business or family. However, you must take the first step by contacting us today on 0151 668 0833 or by submitting an enquiry through this website.

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