Lead Pipe Replacement Liverpool

If your house was built before the 1980’s there is a chance that your pipes are made from lead and not plastic. Exposure to lead can cause health implications, including; damage to your kidneys and developing brain. The greatest risk is to children under six and pregnant women.

If you are living in an older house, we recommend you replace your lead pipes as soon as possible. At RPDNW, we offer a lead pipe replacement Liverpool service.  

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Lead Pipe Replacement Liverpool: How do I know if I need a Lead Pipe Replacement?

A lead pipe replacement Liverpool is not an obligation, nor is it illegal to have a lead pipe in your house. However, we do strongly recommend that you opt for a lead pipe replacement Liverpool.


If you suspect there are lead pipes in your house, we have some simple ways to identify them:

  • Check the water pipe that leads to your kitchen sink. If these pipes are made of lead, they should feel quite soft, and these pipes would normally be lead coloured.

  • Ask your neighbour. If their home has lead pipes and your property is a similar age, the likelihood it that yours will too.

  • Check the pipe leading from the stop valve to your house. You will need to open the flap of the stop valve located outside your property.  In some cases, it can be difficult to access, you might want to ask your local Liverpool plumber or water company to check for you.

Lead Pipe Replacement Liverpool: What should I use as a replacement?

There are much less dangerous options to choose for Lead Pipe Replacement Liverpool, for example; plastic pipes. Plastic pipes are cheaper and are therefore a cost-effective option. They tend to be more efficient, lighter in weight and wont rust or corrode. Copper pipes tend to be sturdy, and have the same longevity in comparison with lead pipes. However, there are certain health risks associated with copper pipes as well, even though the risks are considerably less then lead pipes. Steel pipes could also be a viable option in case you would like to get a Lead Pipe Replacement Liverpool, but steel is not rust proof, which could lead to the water being polluted.

Lead pipe Replacement Liverpool: How much will this cost me?

There are numerous factors involved in calculating the cost of replacing a lead pipe within your home. Depending on the current system in place and the depth of your pipework, we can offer a competitive price. Call us now if you are based in the North West, and would like some more information on getting a lead pipe replacement Liverpool.