June 9, 2014
Excavate and install new external backdrop at a depth of approximately 6000mm. Install new pipe work and new chamber for a proposed pumping station at a later date.


June 6, 2014
Install new grease separator and alter existing drainage system to suit, installing additional new soak away, all to building regulations.

Interesting things found in drains

June 1, 2014
Most examples of blocked drains are caused by gradual build ups of substances like grease, food, hair and dirt. However, sometimes we get surprised by the things that we find stuck in our customers' drains. Some objects have a mysterious way of finding their way into people's drains and some of them border on the ludicrous. Here are some examples that we have found over the years.

Consequences of blocked drains

May 14, 2014
Drain blockages are always an inconvenience, but getting them fixed is often low on the list of priorities for many people. Whilst fixing blocked drains in Wirral and across the North West, we regularly come across problems which have been allowed to build up until they cause serious damage.

How to increase water pressure in your home

April 15, 2014
Having adequate water pressure is an important part of modern-day living. Certain appliances require a certain level of pressure to function properly, such as washing machines and dishwashers. Adequate water pressure also helps the home run more efficiently, by allowing toilets and kettles to fill up more quickly. And letís face it, a shower is always more relaxing when the water comes out with power.

Prepare your Drains for Wet Weather

February 11, 2014
You've seen the news reports, this winter is wet. It's not just wet, its WET! In fact, parts on England and Wales are experiencing the most exceptional period of rainfall for nearly 250 years and it is expected to continue raining for some time. Luckily, in the North West we have largely managed to escape the floods that have been experienced elsewhere in the country. However, your drains will be tested a lot more than at other times of the year and it is important that they can cope with the extra water that will pass through them.

Maintain your drains - dont wait for them to go wrong

January 7, 2014
Drains can often be taken for granted. Water goes down and you forget about it. However, when things go wrong, it can be costly, inconvenient and stressful. At RPD, we can provide an expert service at fixing your blocked drains 24 hours a day at competitive rates. However, prevention is always better (and cheaper) than a cure. Blockages are often caused by food waste, hair and build-ups of fat. Discovering these before they form hard deposits and block your drains is vital. Check your drains regularly and get them maintained to prevent blockages. This will save you time, money and STRESS!

Prepare your drains for the winter

December 3, 2013
During the winter months, your drains are under a higher risk of suffering burst pipes. As the temperature drops, water can turn to ice and this is a big problem for your water supply. If your pipes burst, it can be an expensive job to repair. Not only will you need to replace the broken pipework, but your property may suffer water damage. To prevent this, you should take some precautionary measures and protect your property this winter.

How to know if you need a water main replacement

November 18, 2013
Lead is a common metal and, in the past, was used widely for making pipes, including water mains. However, in recent years there has been health problems associated with lead in drinking water and you should consider a water main replacement if your home still contains lead water mains. This is particularly true in children, where it can affect their physical and mental development, potentially resulting in learning difficulties. In adults, drinking water with lead in it can result in kidney problems and high blood pressure. There is also a risk associated to unborn children when consumed by pregnant mothers.

Protect your drains from leaves this autumn

October 17, 2013
Now that autumn is here, the weather will change and so will the colour. The sky will become gloomy and the trees are turning brown. It is only a matter of time before those leaves will start falling and creating all sorts of problems. Mix in some rain and the leaves will decompose to leave you with a terrible mess. Not only are wet leaves a slip hazard, they can cause havoc with your drains.