Underground Leak Detection

Do you suddenly have an extremely high water bill, but your water usage has not been higher than normal? That might indicate an underground leak. At RPDNW we perform underground leak detections, against a very competitive price.


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Underground Leak Detection: The Signs to Look Out For

Finding the source of the leak is impossible without the right tools. However, there are a few signs you can look out for:

  • Is there a noticeable drop in water pressure?
  • Wet patched in your garden during dry weather
  • Cracking in paved areas
  • Sinkholes or puddles that don’t appear to dry up

If you are experiencing any of the above, we would advise you speak with one of our Wirral, Liverpool or Chester drainage engineers. We can attend your property and carry out an underground leak detection. Our engineer’s use various leak detection methods including, CCTV drain surveys.  With a CCTV drain survey we can inspect your drains without causing any disruption to your property. 

Water Pipe Leaking


Underground Leak Detection Wirral, Liverpool & Chester: Why an Inspection Is Important.

The consequences of a water leak can be much worse than a high water bill and you should arrange for a local drainage expert to carry out an underground leak detection. The damage an underground leak could bring to your house could lead to the value of your property decreasing and you could end up with a costly repair bill. A water leak can have serious impact on the structure and cosmetic look of your house.

Another issue you may come across if you let a leak go undetected, are central heating issues. A water leak can prevent your heater from working properly. The main reasoning for this, is the oxidisation of your central heating is constantly refilling, as it cannot produce the same amount of hot water with the leak.

A lot of insects live in dark and damp conditions and a leak in your water pipe could make the perfect living condition for bugs or spiders and a very difficult living condition for people who struggle with respiratory problems.

Essentially, an underground leak detection could save you a lot of money in the long term. At RPDNW, we detect possible leaks and we can fix them too.  There are numerous factors involved in calculating the cost of an underground leak detection within your home. Depending on the current system in place and the depth of your pipework, we can offer a competitive price. Call us now if you are based in the Wirral, Chester or Liverpool. 


Underground Leak Detection FAQ: 

Will Leak Detection Cause any Damage?

We attempt to detect underground leak detections without causing any more damage to your pipework. The idea after all is to fix the damage - not cause more. Occasionally we might have to access the damaged pipe unconventionally - for example via removing a bath tile/panel - but we shall then ensure that the affected area will be returned to normal after carrying out the works.

How long does Leak Detection take?

This is dependant on the situation, as there might be an underlying issue that might take quite some time in order to fix. We normally request about 4/5 hours , but most of the time we have sorted your issue in much less time.

Is RPD able to help with an insurance claim?

We can indeed help you with presenting your claim properly. Not only do we document every issue and every bit of work carried out, but we also work with claim handling companies who can ensure that you do not get the worst end of the deal with the insurance companies. Ask one of our specialists about it after the work has been carried out.