Damp Proofing

Have you noticed the development of black mould within your property? Are your interior walls displaying some form of damage, where your plaster, paint or wallpaper have been affected? Down to a number of different causes, if excessive moisture is present, there’s a chance that you’ll be experiencing some damp issues.  

Damp is the sign of excessive moisture, which is formed when warm air enters through a window, gap or crack, and affects surfaces, such as your internal walls and ceilings. Commonly linked to condensation, leaks, poor insulation and ventilation, damp can turn into a significant and unhealthy issue if ignored.  

Standing as damp proofing, in order to remove the source of damp, and treat the area, specialist treatments of proofing will be required to fix the issue and remove potential signs of damp, including mould. Without such support, black mould can be hazardous to inhale and touch, and can also look very unpleasant within your property.  

Damp proofing will therefore be necessary for rising damp, along with alternative damp proof courses and membranes, to tackle the source. At Reactive Plumbing & Drainage, we are specialists within infrastructural solutions, to identify, resolve and remove issues like damp. Serving the North-West, reach out if you require specialist damp proofing treatment.  



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What are the Signs Of Damp?

Damp is commonly an easy issue to spot, down to its signs. Black mould, excessive moisture, high humidity and the effects that such issues have on internal infrastructures are tell-tale signs of damp.  

Developing in a number of different ways, all down to the initial causation, rising damp, condensation and plumbing-related damp are all forms which will require assistance to protect structural stability and aesthetics.  



What are the Causes Of Damp?

Damp can materialise through a range of underlying causes, yet the greatest focus is on areas where humidity is high, ventilation is poor, and moisture is excessive.  

Anything from plumbing faults and structural malfunctions to poor insulation, guttering issues and poor ventilation can cause condensation and penetrating damp. Such issues are normally very common across both domestic and commercial properties, as external damage to walls and roofs can cause leaks and cavities, which damp feeds off.  

As causes can be complex, identifying the source and professional damp proofing services will be recommended if you spot the signs of damp. A variety of damp proofing techniques are available, yet dependent on the type and source of damp, treatment will vary.  

From damp proof membrane and proof courses to damp proofing internal walls and ventilation structures, here’s why acting is a necessity in the event of damp and mould.  


The Necessity Of Professional Damp Proofing 

The development of damp is the result of a further issue. It’s ultimately a warning that infrastructural damage or issues are present, which will need to be resolved to also resolve damp problems.  

Damp, if severe, can cause significant structural issues, reducing the stability of internal walls and ceilings, down to the fact that moisture will be present and that as the name suggests, materials will become damp.  

The impacts of damp, if untreated, can also develop into black mould, which is unpleasant for the eye, but also hazardous for health. Without damp proofing, mould can cause respiratory issues, can trigger asthma attacks, and can also be toxic in some forms through allergens.  



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5.0 Stars | 34 reviews


It’s also found that damp issues, especially down to poor ventilation and insulation can deter smart energy solutions, meaning that utility bills can increase.  

Ultimately, if untreated, damp can cause many issues to the stability and efficiency of your property, which is why professional damp proofing services should be considered. As issues can quickly develop, making use of damp proofing specialists will help to identify the cause, help to act with the most effective form of treatment, and also recommend steps to reduce condensation and risks moving forward.  

Without action, the look, feel and sturdiness of your property can be deterred, which can be simply resolved through damp proofing internal walls and infrastructures.  


Damp Proofing Treatment Here At Reactive Plumbing & Drainage  

Damp proofing treatment will be recommended on a per-client basis. This is down to the fact that the cause and symptoms of damp can vary, requiring tailored proofing solutions.  

Our services at Reactive Plumbing & Drainage will start by assessing the cause of damp. This could be anything from a leak to insulation issues, or to an unsealed window, resulting in excessive air and moisture.  

Once we’ve identified the cause of damp, we will then recommend a damp proofing technique, suitable for the type of damp that you’re encountering. For example, adamp proof course may be required to tackle rising damp, to help remove excess moisture and provide optimal insulation to reduce future risks.

A damp proof membrane may be advised to provide a wall cavity that can absorb and help condensation evaporate productivity. Damp-proof paint may also be recommended to reduce the development of mould and to provide enough protection to internal walls.  

Damp proofing will help to remove the source of damp while providing a proactive solution to reducing the risk of future issues. Once the source of your damp problems has been resolved, we will also work to complete any repairs to your property, which may be linked to your plumbing systems, drainage methods or the structure of your building. Repairs will be necessary, as while damp proofing may be completed, the initial causation may fester and resurface symptoms of damp.  

Alongside damp proofing your property, we are professionals, here to offer assistance with maintaining a damp-free environment. We can help you identify any other risks, we can offer tips with ventilation and the reduction of condensation, and we can also provide any further solutions to ensure your property is safe and clean.  

Damp proofing will be necessary to remove mould, repair damages and control the consequences of damp. We can assist with years of experience in the industry, along with supporting you with any plumbing malfunctions or infrastructural problems.  

Damp is unpleasant, is a catalyst for instability, and is a problem that can devalue and deter your property. Avoid any long-term issues by using our damp proofing specialist services at Reactive Plumbing & Drainage.  

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Is damp proofing expensive?Damp comes in many different forms with each requiring their own tailored treatment plan. It is important to establish the type of damp problem you have and the severity of the damp issue in order to get a quote. Contact our team today to find out more
What are the methods of damp proofing?Damp can be treated and provented in a variety of different ways depending on the source. A member of a team will establish the problem before deciding on the most suitable treatment. Treatments for damp proofing include: Damp proof courses, waterproof membranes, ventilation units, timber repair and resin repairs.
What is the initial cause of damp?Damp can appear for many reasons. The most common reason for damp on internal walls is condensation. Condensation will usually show as signs of black mould and it is important you get this issue resolved before it leads to further problems. Call our friendly and professional team today