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Are you searching for a garden drainage solution in the Wirral? There are in fact many benefits linked to utilising garden drainage services, offering the optimal foundation for your garden to thrive. 


However, before investing or attempting this yourself, it is important to understand the benefits, the necessity of garden drainage, and the different types of garden drainage solutions accessible to you. At RPD, we can help you with this, standing as drainage experts, offering solutions for a variety of different needs, across areas including the Wirral. 


See below what to expect from our services, along with the ins and outs of garden drainage in Wirral, helping you easily maintain water flow around your garden. 

Maintain your garden with ease by working with draining solution experts in your local area. 


Why select garden drainage in Wirral?

There are many benefits, linked to garden drainage in Wirral, if you are looking to transform the foundations of your garden. Here are some you can expect through our drainage service at RPD. 

New Drainage in a garden



Our team works around the Wirral, providing convenience for you. Arrangements can easily be made to assess your current foundations, identifying whether a drainage solution will work well in your garden. If so, from here, we can push ahead with your installation


Optimal growing conditions 

If you’re hoping for a green, flourishing garden, you’ll need the right foundations in place. Within that foundation, you’ll need to make sure that a productive drainage system is installed and is consistent, providing the right foundation to sustain growth. This can be achieved by professionally installing a garden drainage solution that works for you. 


Expert services 

By using garden drainage in Wirral, you’ll have peace of mind that your money is well spent, ensuring that your system can continue to offer ongoing drainage solutions. Installing a garden drainage channel is a big job, which will cause disruptions. Through expert services, those disruptions can be managed, while also overcoming common problems linked to the installation of garden drainage pipes. 


Ultimately, installing a reliable system will improve garden drainage, offering ideal growing conditions, along with the above benefits. 



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When to consider garden drainage solutions? 

Installing a garden drainage solution requires a lot of work, where ideally, the soil should be dry. Understandably, this can be hard to control, as rainfall can fluctuate. Yet, through late summer to early winter, conditions will likely be at their best to allow for garden drainage pipes to be installed correctly. 


This is the ideal time to consider a garden drainage solution, ensuring that the quality of your system can be upheld, while avoiding big disruptions within your garden. 


Garden drainage systems to choose from

Alongside knowing when to instal a garden drainage system, it’s important to select the right type for your needs. By using our services of garden drainage in Wirral, we can secure the correct system for your garden needs. Below are a few commonly installed systems and pipes, specifically designed for garden drainage. 


Simple ditches 

If excess water measures as average, a simple ditch will be recommended for your garden. Here’s where a 3ft ditch, with sloping sides will be made, in place to help guide excess water. This is a routine service which is available in your local area of Wirral. 


French ditches

If a simple ditch is unsuitable for your garden, a French ditch will be advised. Here’s where a ditch will be filled with gravel and upturned turf, soon finished off with topsoil. This will stop any soil entering the gravel, while also providing a drainage system for water to funnel through.


Piped Drainage

If your drainage problem is severe, where either a simple or French ditch will be unsuitable, opting for a professional drainage service will be recommended. Here, a piped drainage system will be installed, where plastic pipes will be laid surrounded by gravel, and finally topped with further gravel to promote sturdiness. This will ensure that excess water has a definite direction to flow, reducing puddling in your garden. 


As any form of drainage solution will be adapting the foundations of your garden, working with garden drainage experts will be advised. Yet, there is a possibility for you to maintain a small-scale drainage system yourself, post-installation. 

The necessity of garden drainage 

To help gauge the ideal system for garden drainage, there are ways that you can personally test this. If a drainage system is necessary, signs of this will be present as excess water will remain for hours after testing. 


Start your test by looking for an area where puddles of water reside. Now it’s time to test the foundations of that area in your garden by pouring water into a 1 to 2 foot hole, which should then be covered to protect from rainfall. If water remains, this is a clear indication that your garden will benefit from a professional drainage system. 


If water does naturally filter through, alternative options of raised beds will be recommended for your garden. This will also be the case if there’s nowhere for your excess water to go within your local area, such as a stream or existing ditches for drainage. 



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Our services at RPD

At RPD, if you require support with identifying the right type of garden drainage system, along with its installation, we can help. We work across your local area of Wirral, offering convenient services to safeguard the foundations of your garden. 


Alongside offering garden drainage in Wirral, we also specialise in alternative drainage solutions whether that’s maintenance or unblocking services. 


We understand how important homes, and subsequently, gardens are to our customers. With this in mind, we offer suitable services to meet personal needs, ensuring that our drainage systems can serve their purpose. 


Contact our team today if you’re either unsure whether a garden drainage system will be necessary, or whether you’re ready to go ahead with your installation. We operate 7 days a week, ready to rectify any drainage emergencies within the area of Wirral. 



Garden Drainage FAQ's


Can you fix issues with garden drainage during the weekend?


RPD NW are a 7 days a week emergency company meaning we can provide you a professional service all year round including weekends.