Blocked Drains Liverpool

If you are experiencing blocked drains, sinks or toilets then no problem. Our experienced team at RPD have been unblocking drains in the Liverpool area for over 15 years meaning there is nothing we can't solve when it comes to blocked drains.

Blocked drains really can be a nightmare and major inconvenience. One day you are experiencing no problems, and the next day your drain is sluggish or blocked and there may even be a strong smell originating from your drains. 

Blocked Drains


What are the main causes of drain blockages?

The main causes of household drain blockages can be avoided as often many drain blockages are caused by things such as leftover food, materials and items being flushed down the pipes.

The main cause of a blocked drain in the kitchen is the remnants of your food stuck in the pipes or solidified grease and oil that has been poured down the drain. Around 360,000 tonnes of grease, oil and saturated fats are deposited down drains and into UK sewers each year, which is a cause for drains getting blocked.

In a similar way fatty food increases the circumference of our waistline, fats can narrow the circumference of drainage and sewage pipes, threatening blockage and back-up. Combine the fat and oil deposits with other waste such as wet wipes, nappies and earbuds it can give the grease structural bondage, which makes the blockage stronger and harder to remove. In most cases, our drain jetting service near Liverpool will resolve your issues with blocked drains.

Areas We Cover

Our blocked drains service is available to locations across the whole of Liverpool, this includes;



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How to spot a blocked drain

Blocked drains and partial drain blockages are relatively easy to spot. There could be a strong odour coming from your plug holes and drains which can be the first tell telling sign of a possible obstruction or blockage in the pipes. Another sign to look out for is a slow draining toilet, shower, bath or sink. In some severe cases of drain blockage, the water may not drain away at all.

Another tell-tale sign that may indicate that you need to get your drains inspected is If you notice the pipes are making a strange or different sound to what they usually do.

What we unblock in Liverpool

We can unblock any drain or pipe in your home. We can also unblock external build-up, such as your local sewer might be backing up through the manhole. You can contact us to unblock:

  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Baths or Showers
  • Gutters
  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Sewers
  • Septic Tanks

How we can help you solve it?

At RPD we have helped many people with drain unblocking Liverpool over the years. We employ many different tactics to deal with blocked drains, depending on the severity and type of blockage.

For severe drain unblocking, we often use a High-Pressure water jet. Drain jetting is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly method of dealing with simple blockages in pipes and quickly deals with most blocked drains. However, in some of the most drastic cases, the drain needs to be fixed or even replaced.

Using state of the art CCTV drain surveys we can quickly identify where the blockage is located in the drain and subsequently position our high-pressure water jet close to the blockage in the drain so it can be easily flushed out.

Our team of drainage engineers have years of experience in repairing blocked drains in Liverpool. Whether you are dealing with blocked toilets, sinks, showers etc we can provide a drain clearance service that can quickly resolve your drain issues and restore your system back to normal working condition.

Reactive Plumbing & Drainage has been providing Plumbing & Drainage services throughout the North West of England for many years. If you are based near Liverpool and would like to find out more about our blocked drain service then please call us today, or fill out our contact form.


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Blocked drains LiverpoolQ&A 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about blocked drains from Liverpool residents. 

Are my drains public or private?Drains have boundaries, and every drain within the boundary of your property is your responsibility. Once the drain is beyond your boundaries, it becomes the responsibility of the local water companies, in the case of Drain Unblocking Liverpool will become United Utilities.
Who is responsible for the sewer on my property?You are legally responsible for maintaining the drains inside the boundaries of your property. You are free to choose how to maintain your drains or repair your Drain Unblocking Liverpool and which company will carry out this work. In some cases, some of the drainage network is located in a property with multiple houses, for instance, a block of flats. In this case, all owners who have a stake in the building are mutually responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the drains
What are the most common materials that are found in blocked drains?The most common materials found by our engineers include hair, baby wipes, soaps, outdoor materials (i.e. leaves, twigs stones), nappies etc. Any of these items can cause blockages that have the potential to be disastrous for the properties drainage system. This is why we would suggest disposing the materials into a general waste bin instead.
How does drain jetting work?Water is blasted through the drain at very high pressure. When in close proximity to the blockage this will help break down the material and clear out the drain completely.
Does drain jetting cause any damage to the drain?No, our experienced engineers are trained to assign the correct pressure to keep the structure of the drain intact.
What is the difference between clearing a drain and unblocking a drain? Cleaning a drain is part of maintaining the drainage system whereas drain unblocking is repairing the system. If you would like to reduce the risk of developing blocked drains then we would suggest regular drain clearing as a way to mitigate any risks of developing blockages.
Does drain cleaner work?Drain cleaner can work on smaller scale blockages but for larger blockages, it's best off calling in the professionals.
Are you able to unblock toilets?Unblocking toilets is offered as part of our typical blocked drains Liverpool service.
Do you offer emergency call outs for blocked drains?Yes, we offer 24-hour emergency call outs for blocked drains.
Do you work on weekends?Yes, we do. No matter what day you require our blocked drain Liverpool service, we can offer an emergency drain repairs so you have access to our service at all times.
Are you a local service?Yes, we have been operating and providing a blocked drains service in Liverpool and around the Merseyside area for over 15 years. You can see the great feedback we have received from clients here.