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RPD NW LTD offers professional drain renewal services in Wirral. Maintaining drains is vital for your home or business. If drains become damaged beyond repair, it’s important for drains to be replaced without delay. Damaged drains are a health risk and bad for the surrounding environment. Take action today by contacting us now. We offer an emergency call out service, so our engineers will arrive at your property shortly.

What happens during drain renewal

When our drain engineer arrives at your property, we carry out an initial CCTV inspection of your drains. This inspection will reveal the condition of your drains. If this inspection reveals your drains are in need of renewal, we may be able to carry out repairs using trenchless technology. This generally involves drain relining. This allows us to renew your drains without disturbing surrounding areas such as your garden or your drive.

If excavation is necessary, we endeavor to conduct this work minimal disruption to your business or to your home. When excavation is necessary, we replace and install all affected pipes. Once work is complete, we back-fill the affected area so your home or business looks as good as new. Your family, visitors or customers will never even know drain replacement took place!

RPD NW LTD is committed to quality. When renewing your Wirral drains, we use the highest possible quality of materials and fittings. This ensures your new drains last for many decades before you once again need to carry out replacement works.


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Many Wirral homes built in the 1960s and 1970s we installed with pitch fibre pipes. Pitch fibre pipes are known to wear within around a forty year period. Pipes become blistered, deformed and collapse will eventually occur. In this situation, it may be impossible to carry out repairs and thus replacement becomes a necessity. To replace pitch fibre pipes, contact us today on 0151 668 0833.

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