Home Buyers Drain Survey in Wirral & Liverpool

If you’re about to buy a new home then at least be aware of the concept of ‘caveat emptor’. This is Latin for ‘buyer beware’. This concept is enshrined in English common law stating the seller of the home releases all liability for the property in question upon sale. In layman’s terms, this means if you don’t carry out checks before you bought the property you cannot later hold the seller accountable for defects in the property you purchased. To combat this risk diligent buyers opt for a full ‘structural’ survey.


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Home Buyers Drain Survey WIrral and Liverpool

mortgages require one. Surveyors take on the liability for failing to spot defects in homes your survey. However, surveyors add in multiple liability exclusion clauses for items they cannot visually inspect. Drains are one such item.


Buyers beware!

Diligent buyers insist on a ‘home buyer’s drain survey’. Defective drains could cost big if a blockage occurs after you sign the contract of sale. Our home buyer’s drain survey makes sure you know the condition of your drains before you sign on the dotted line. If drains are discovered to be in a poor condition this gives you leverage when negotiating with the seller. Drains in poor condition could easily cost in the thousands to put right. Thus spending a few hundred pounds on a home buyer’s drain survey should really be viewed as an investment rather than a cost.

A home buyer’s drain survey is applicable to new builds as well as older properties. Never assume a new home’s drains sit in a good condition. This assumption has cost many a homebuyer dearly! New homes may have had drains laid incorrectly. Problems in drain design lead to blockage, something costing many thousands of pounds to put right. Please be aware many new builds are sold with a guarantee on the drainage system you purchase. Check the terms to see if a guarantee is provided.

If you are to purchase an older property then getting a home buyer’s drain survey really is recommended. This is because older properties are subject to root intrusion. Click here to learn more about root intrusion. If trees are located close by then opting for a drain survey is an absolute must!


What our home buyer’s drain survey includes

When you choose RPD, our engineer arrives at your property according to a pre-agreed booking. Our engineer carries out a comprehensive CCTV drain survey on the property concerned. A CCTV camera is inserted into the property’s drains. This reveals any evidence of faulty or damaged drains.

Our engineer looks out for root intrusion, drain collapse, blockages, leaks, fractures and the possibility of poorly constructed drains. Our engineer is also on the lookout for possible subsidence. Subsidence is common for homes subject to extreme weather conditions causing drains to move. Lastly, our engineer inspects for so-called ‘illegal drainage connection’. This is when the property owner or rouge contractor has botched up the outside drains in some way.

The survey takes around two to three hours in order to complete. Our engineer cleans drains prior to the survey using high-press water jetting.

Once our survey is complete a certificate is issued confirming you’ve taken this step. Your mortgage provider may require a copy of this certificate in order to release funding.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are CCTV Drain Surveys worth doing when buying a property?

Yes, carrying out a survey before buying a property could potentially save you thousands of pounds in fixing any hidden issues with the properties drainage system.

What is included in a full survey?

Our engineers will survey all accessible drain runs on-site and then create a full report detailing pipe grading all well as images of any defects that may have been discovered upon inspection. Along with this we can also provide recommendation on the site layout and a full quotation for any repairs that are needed.

Do you provide drain surveys on commercial properties?

Yes, we can provide surveys for homeowners of commercial and industrial type properties.


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