Water Mains Replacement Wirral

At RPD we offer water mains replacements across the Wirral for domestic properties. If your property is showing signs of water problems or burst pipes, we can help you today.

Our skilled team is available to help you with the replacement of lead pipes, repairing leaks and pipe bursts, and addressing any concerns related to shared supplies with other properties on the Wirral. Find out more about our water mains replacement Wirral services.


Water Mains Replacements in Wirral

If you think that your water mains pipes are old, leaking, have burst or are made of lead, reach out to professionals for fast and easy mains replacements. At RPD we provide homes across the Wirral with domestic water mains replacement services.

Our plumbers are highly experienced with over 15 years of experience and can identify and replace broken water pipes quickly and efficiently. We offer water mains replacements for all types of pipes, including lead, copper, blue MDP and more at competitive prices.

Get in touch with us today to book a replacement from our experienced team.


What Happens During a Water Mains Replacement

After you have made an enquiry, a member of our plumbing team will visit your property to inspect, identify and fix your water pipe. Repairs will involve digging to remove and replace your water pipe, although every repair and replacement is different based on the property size and pipe material.

Although water mains replacements require digging on your property, we utilise the latest technology to identify the pipe and dig a trench directly above it, keeping disruption to your property at the bare minimum.

If you share a water main with a neighbour in a terraced house and are only looking to replace your own, we will work and replace the pipe up to the Stop Tap to ensure that your property is fixed. Your water supply to your property will be shut off momentarily but will typically be working again by the end of the day once the job has been completed and your water pipe has been replaced.


Lead Pipe Replacements

Lead pipe replacements Wirral are jobs we regularly work on at RPD. We understand that the safety and quality of your water supply are important for your home, so we work quickly to ensure that your pipes are safe and old material is removed.

Outdated lead pipes can pose a significant risk to your health and need to be replaced, which is why we're proud to offer expert lead pipe replacement services in Wirral to protect your home and your family. Digging a small trench, we can replace lead pipes quickly and effectively with very little disruption to your property.

Find out more about our lead pipe replacements in Wirral here.


Reach Out for Water Pipe Replacements Wirral

If you are searching for water mains replacement Wirral, RPD can help you today. Phone us on 0151 668 0833 or fill out our contact form and a member of our team will get back in touch with you as soon as possible. If you want a quote or have any questions about water mains replacement, feel free to ask before booking an appointment.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I Need a Water Mains Replacement?

If you find yourself constantly dealing with leaks, burst pipes, or the need for extensive repairs in your water supply system, it may be a sign that your pipes have reached the end of their lifespan and require replacement to ensure long-term reliability. Persistent low water pressure, discoloured water and a sudden and unexpected rise in your water bill can all indicate a problem with your water main pipe.

How Long Does a Water Mains Replacement Take?

Including the time taken to identify the pipe's location, dig a trench, replace the pipe and replace the groundwork, a water mains replacement typically takes a few hours.

How Much Does a Lead Pipe Replacement Cost?

The cost varies depending on the size of the job required, however, some water companies offer grants to help towards the cost. For example, United Utilities offers a grant of £550 towards replacing your lead water pipes - it is worth getting in touch to find out more.