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Lately, Home Buyer Drain Surveys are becoming increasingly popular with people buying and selling homes in Wirral and the surrounding area. A primary reason for this is to increase the understanding of the buying/selling process for both the seller and potential home buyer. Many have found, to their cost, ‘hidden’ problems that don’t reveal themselves until they are several days into living in their brand-new house. However, we are also seeing a boost in buyer drainage surveys like a reliance on the loan provider, insurer or both. These must be completed before the exchange of contracts.

Whatever the reason for a homeowners drainage survey in Wirral, it’s important that you understand the value this sort of survey offers homeowners. We're all familiar with regular home surveys, that reveal about the health of the roof, walls, and floors but drain surveys highlight additional issues (such as root intrusion from nearby trees) as well as other environmental issues like the potential for flooding. For several years, homebuyers have been oblivious to problems that lie in our drains so when we uncover problems, whose responsibility is it to put things right? Will you be forced to pay or possibly could it be the local water company?

A Home Buyer Drainage Survey in Wirral needs to be conducted by a specialist, recognised by the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC). Clearly, RPDNW is an experienced drainage contractor, meaning you’re in safe hands. 

Just what will a Homebuyer Drainage Survey tell me?

An expert drainage survey to determine the state of the drains will give you a good level of detail to use for future reference. This includes:

  • Drainage Structural Condition - this is where many people think the survey ends, but we provide much more information than just the condition of the drainage pipework.
  • Location of Misconnections - these are additional problems that individuals frequently find and so are problematic. We'll bring these to your attention.
  • Root Intrusion - although a tree or large shrub may seem to be a distance from the home, these roots can travel a fair way and could damage drain walls and joints. A professional drain survey will identify when the has happened.
  • Pest Invasion - We don’t like the thought of rats crawling around our pipes and sewers but this is when you uncover them. They could burrow between joints making their properties inside the surrounding earth. This excavation can lead to a collapse of drainpipes and therefore searching for the presence of vermin is important.
  • Drain Mapping - A drain map allows you to discover the positioning of drainage system as well as the location of specific components. This really is frequently especially helpful if home proprietors are planning on future property extensions or significant changes to garden terrain. Best to understand what lies below and exactly how much cheaper it is to fix it.
  • Drainage System Possession - Do you know whose responsibility it is if a problem occurs? Possibly you are familiar with a shared drain? A proper drain survey will allow you to understand where your responsibility ends and your neighbour's responsibility begins.

Getting all this information to hand equips home proprietors with the best information prior to making a purchase, plus, should you go ahead and buy the property, you will have valuable information about the layout of your drains in the event of any problems and prior to any further development.


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For anyone with further queries about our home buyer drainage survey in Wirral, please give us a call on 0151 668 0833. We are always very happy to discuss our services and then for any concerns you may have relating to your existing drainage system.