Lead Pipe Replacement

Lead pipes can cause long-term damage to your health. If you suspect you have lead pipes in and around your home, you need them replaced as soon as possible. We have extensive experience replacing lead pipes across the North West and work with renowned companies like United Utilities, which have a lead pipe replacement scheme.

United Utilities can potentially replace lead pipework with a like-for-like safe connection pipe throughout your home for free. Our approved plumbers then carry out all the work and get it certified. You save money and time as no further inspection is required.

Areas Covered

We cover the whole of the North West, including Wirral, Liverpool, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, North Wales and all surrounding areas.


Lead Pipe Replacement 

If you live in a property built before 1970, there's a good chance that the water pipe in your home is made from lead. Over time, small amounts of lead consumed in your drinking water will build up and cause health problems.

United Utilities offers a £550 grant to those who want to replace the lead supply pipes in their homes. Replacing these pipes will eliminate the risk of lead poisoning, keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

If you would like to apply for the Lead Pipe Replacement grant, contact our team today to find out how to apply. 


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How it works

Your water main is divided into two sections. The section of the pipe that runs under your house is your responsibility, and the section that runs separately from your home is the responsibility of your water supplier. When you replace lead pipes, both areas of the water main will require replacing.

Under the lead replacement scheme, we will replace the pipes that belong to United Utilities free of charge when you get your own water main replaced. This applies to both separate supply pipes and standard supply pipes.

You can apply for the scheme if the following applies:

  • You have a lead supply pipe, either a single or common supply (a water pipe that supplies water to two or more properties using a shared stop tap).
  • You are the property owner of a lead supply where the water is used for domestic purposes, drinking, cooking, washing, and food preparation.
  • Your property has not been demolished or has not been/will be split into multiple dwellings with a shared supply.
  • Your property has an existing water supply and is not a new build, and it's not too far from the water main.
  • You must have an active billing account with United Utilities.


Why Choose RPD NW

Other drainage companies will carry out the work but will require the work to be checked and certified by United Utilities. This is a lengthy and potentially costly procedure.

At RPD NW, we are recommended by United Utilities and are authorised to carry out our own inspections. Our trenchless water main replacement technique means that work can be carried out with minimal disruption throughout and outside your home.

With over 15 years of experience in plumbing and drainage and extensive knowledge, you can rest assured you're in safe hands. Moreover, we work with Wirral Borough Council to remove lead pipes from tenanted properties. Not only do we offer fantastic value for money, but the quality of our work will last.

If you want us to start replacing your lead pipes and improving your water quality by removing the lead levels in your home, contact us today!

If you would like to apply for the lead pipe replacement scheme, call us today on 0151 668 0833.