Replacing Lead Pipes

September 6, 2018

Lead Pipes

Over 30 percent of all properties that have been constructed before the start of the 1970’s are fitted with some sort of lead pipes according to various statistics. However, lead is known to have damaging effects to the health of humans. Lead is toxic for your cardiovascular system – where long term exposure could develop heart issues in many people. To add to that, damage to your kidneys and brain through lead exposure have also been confirmed.

Pregnant women and children are the demography that are the most susceptible and vulnerable to health damage due to lead poisoning.

The government has banned the use of lead in a lot of products – and since the early 1970’s it has been banned for the use of pipework’s within a domestic building. The government also advises you to limit your own exposure to lead pipes – from any source, including drinking water.

For those that live in a property built after 1970 – chances are that your supply pipe is made from lead as the main component. The actual pipework on your property can be made from lead as well if you live in an older house.

In order to completely avoid any risk relating the health issues that come with lead pipe replacement, we recommend completely replacing your pipework.

Many people still choose to repair their lead pipes instead in the case that they burst – and we think it is -in fact- the right moment to get the pipes replaced instead. Not only are lead pipes dangerous – they tend to burst much faster than the alternative.

Currently, polyethylene pipes are the most popular alternative to lead pipes. The plastic does not degrade or leak as often as lead pipes do. Another alternative to lead pipes is copper pipes. However, these pipes are not as reliable as steel pipes – and tend to be quite pricey in comparison to plastic polyethylene pipes.

At RPDNW – we can offer you a pipe replacement against a very competitive price. Why not give us a call about your home’s pipework, or alternatively – read more here about what lead pipe replacement.


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