June 2014 Posts


June 9, 2014
Excavate and install new external backdrop at a depth of approximately 6000mm. Install new pipe work and new chamber for a proposed pumping station at a later date.


June 6, 2014
Install new grease separator and alter existing drainage system to suit, installing additional new soak away, all to building regulations.

Interesting things found in drains

June 1, 2014
Most examples of blocked drains are caused by gradual build ups of substances like grease, food, hair and dirt. However, sometimes we get surprised by the things that we find stuck in our customers' drains. Some objects have a mysterious way of finding their way into people's drains and some of them border on the ludicrous. Here are some examples that we have found over the years.
  • EUSR
  • Construction Line
  • Watersafe
  • Surestop
  • NADC
  • CHAS
  • ProNett