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Blocked drainage is no laughing matter. If you're unlucky enough to have experienced any problems with your drainage systems, you will understand how difficult it can be to manage.

Although regular drain cleaning can massively reduce the chances of drain blockages

If you're experiencing any issues with your drains currently, you'll want to call the team at RPD. From drain unblocking of either completely clogged drains or partially clogged drains or any other repairs, we can help you.

Here at RPD we've been cleaning and repairing drains for well over twenty years. Whether commercial or residential, you can be sure our expert drain cleaners can rectify the problem by tackling tough clogs, improving slow drain or removing any build up of grease, hair, debris or food. We can help you with drain cleaning which may be required to solve anything from a clogged sink, a drain repair or removal of bad smells which may arise from your drain.

We aim to respond to all our calls within 50 minutes maximum. Typically we can be at your door much sooner. Response time is often critical with blocked drains which is why we make it a priority to be available to our customers quicky. Our expert team of professional plumbers work around the clock across the Northwest of England to ensure speedy diagnosis and subsequent unblocking of any clogged pipes or drains.

There is a risk that waste may spill out into your property which could include nasty sewage which carries disease – something you're sure to want to avoid. Methods we employ to ensure speedy diagnosis and subsequent unblocking of pipes include:

  • Electric magnetic drain cleaning

  • CCTV survey to determine the cause of the blockage, together with DVD and schematic diagrams

  • Tankers for blockage extraction

  • High pressure jetting

  • Reel insertion to remove the blockage, especially for older pipework that could break due to water impact

  • Chemical drain cleaner

  • Drain cleaning tools such as Sani snakes

If you have any queries about our regular drain cleaning services or our emergency drain unblocking services, get in touch with us on 0151 668 0833. From clogs in your sink, toilet, shower or outdoor plumbing, we can help.


Does My Drain Need Cleaning?

If you have noticed slow draining or standing water, a foul smell coming from your drain or plug holes, your flush isn't working or your sewer pipe has broken, you may require a professional plumber to unblock or fix your drain.

Drain cleaning is a way to manage your drainage system and remove any blockages or debris which may have accumulated over time. At RPD we can help you. With over 20 years of experience in the plumbing field, our team can easily manage and solve any problems you have from a short call. Ring us today on 0151 668 0833 for drain cleaning and repair across the Wirral and North West region.


What Causes Clogged Drains?

There can be a number of causes of blocked drains, particularly in busy family households. Although you can do a number of things to prevent clogs such as using drain cleaning products regularly or using baking soda and vinegar to clear clogs in the kitchen sink, blockages still often occur.

Common reasons that drains can become blocked include:

  • Food particles

  • Hair and debris

  • Grease clogs

  • Tree root damage and dirt

  • General household waste

  • Hard water scale and soap scum build-up

  • Flushed wipes or sanitary products

If you are in need of drain cleaning services, the team at RPD can help you. We have years of experience working on a number of problematic drain systems and can help you to keep your drains running smoothly.


Drain Unblocking

Drain cleaning is the best way to fix a simple blocked drain in your home. It ensures that all of the dirt, debris and other materials which have caused the clog are removed from the drainage system and prevents another issue from forming soon after.

The service which is provided by our team at RPD is fast, affordable and extensive. We make sure that the blockage is completely cleared and any clogs are addressed with a drain cleaner. If you are in the Wirral region and are looking for a solution to your blocked drains, call us on 0151 668 0833. We can help with emergency drain unblocking as well as any other drainage jobs.


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