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Roots in drains are often from surrounding trees and other plant life that can cause substantial damage to your drains and the external waste water pipes which lead to the sewer network. The moist environment inside your drains provides the perfect environment in which plant life can flourish.

When cracks in the drain cause liquid and vapour to emerge, roots are drawn to the drain pipe which causes substantial damage to your drain pipe. In fact, our drainage engineers here at RPD report that root intrusion is the most common reason for callouts involving damage to outside drain pipes. We specialise in repairing blocked drains in the Wirral and Liverpool; if a tree is causing your blocked drains, our team has all the experience and tools at hand to resolve the issue.


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Liability to maintain your drains

If you are a homeowner you will be well aware of your responsibility to maintain your drains. A failure to do so can lead to tortious liability for nuisance since damaged drains will anger your neighbours. Fortunately, the sewer outside your property’s boundaries is maintained for most of us at the expense of the taxpayer. The section of connecting sewer pipe which resides on your property which you are liable to maintain is unfortunately buried under the ground. You are therefore unaware as to the existence of possible root intrusion, often until it is too late!

Because vapours inside your property’s sewer pipe escape into the soil through small cracks, surrounding roots are able to detect this source of water and subsequently grow towards your waste water pipe rather like a moth which is drawn to light. Once the root reaches the source of the leakage the root will attempt to breach the pipe walls in order to get at what the root considers the pipe’s inners.

Signs of root intrusion

If left undisturbed, roots will slowly but surely fill the inner sections of the pipe and cause a blockage. Furthermore roots will clog up household fats which pass through the wastewater pipe and cause them to accumulate for long enough to cause a blockage. The first sign of trouble comes in the form of slow draining times in your sink and toilets. Toilets often make a strange noise causing quite a bit of concern for whoever lives in the house or flat! In time, the pressure from root intrusion will become so great that the entire pipe will collapse. If this is the case our engineers will be required to perform an entire drain excavation and replacement, usually at a considerable cost to the homeowner. Regular drain inspections and drain cleaning will prevent this scenario. Early detection of root intrusion usually means our engineer can rectify the matter, or in the worst case scenario, you may require sewer relining, a measure which is far less costly and less invasive than drain excavation.

As a preventative measure, we would advise you to become aware of the location of your outside wastewater pipe and refrain from planting trees in its facility. We would recommend you cautiously keep a 10-foot distance between trees and the wastewater pipe. This preventative measure will vastly reduce the risk of root intrusion from occurring in the first place.

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To reduce the risk of root intrusion even further, why not call RPD today and have one of our engineers carry out appropriate checks on your sewer pipes and outside drains. Our service includes a CCTV Drain Survey which allows our experts to say with 100% certainty as to the existence of root intrusion. If root intrusion is diagnosed our expert will have at his disposal all manners of specialist tools to rectify the problem, such as ‘root saws’ and high-pressure drain jetting equipment. Specialist chemicals known as ‘rooticides’ will also be employed. Call the team now on 0151 668 0833 for quote.

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