Gully unblocking and maintenance services for Wirral & Liverpool

‘Rainwater’ gullies perform a dual function: firstly by preventing our roads and paved areas from flooding by channeling the flow of excess surface water into the sewer system and secondly in ensuring waste deposits are safely and correctly filtered to prevent blockage of near-by sewer pipes. To perform such vital functions gullies are designed to handle hundreds of litres of water all at once. But like all devices of this gully-maintenancenature, gullies require regular and planned maintenance as from time-to-time gullies left unmaintained have been unknown to block due to the onslaught of sewer-bound sediment.

A legal responsibility

Failing to maintain gullies under your remit of responsibility to a satisfactory standard could result in damage to roads and pavements, blocked drains, accidents, and even death. Additionally, your failure to maintain gullies under your watch could also mean a breach of your statutory and common law duties. In turn, these breaches of your duties could lead to costly litigation against you whereby claimants’ suffering loss could apply to the court for compensation.

A job for the experts

To avoid such scenarios RPD specialist drainage engineers employ state-of-the-art equipment designed specifically to clean and unblock gullies. Gullies are not unknown to become blocked due to all manners of objects, which build up and overtime obstruct the gully’s usual flow path. Such objects could include rocks, dead leaves, tree matter, silt, and mud. Partial blockages which are usually not apparent from the roadside can easily develop into full-blown blockages once heavy rainfall occurs and so it is advisable to service gullies under your watch on a regular on-going basis to avoid unforeseeable road closures and the like.


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If left unchecked sediment deposits in your gully will accumulate. A simple inspection by our engineer will reveal the potential vulnerability of the gully to blockage and the appropriate action shall be taken to rectify the matter. The engineer will utilise specialist tankers and suckers so waste is sucked from the gully up to a septic tank.

Service contracts for our commercial customers

Once our expert has successfully unblocked your gully back to an operational flow a full high-pressure jet wash will be carried out to ensure any excess waste is disposed of.

Our past clientele who required gully unblocking and maintenance services includes:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Housing associations
  • Local businesses such as restaurants and public houses
  • Car park operators
  • Private homeowners

We offer businesses and public bodies alike discounted rates if you choose to engage our services via a pre-planned maintenance schedule, usually performed annually or bi-annually. The frequency in which a gully will require maintenance depends on the amount of rainfall in the immediate area and also the volume of debris that passes through the gully. Factors which may increase the number of planned maintenance callouts your gullies will require each year include:

  • If the road is adjacent or runs through woodland areas
  • The volume of traffic on the road
  • Rainfall
  • Rodent activity

If the gully you require maintaining falls within any or all of the above categories you could require between six to eight scheduled maintenance inspections per annum in order to keep your gullies in a safe and working order.

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Additionally, we offer a call-out service. Our call out service is available across Liverpool, Wirral, Cheshire and parts of Manchester and North Wales. You can contact the team today on 0151 668 0833.