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Here at RPD, our engineers work tirelessly cleaning drains and pipes throughout the North of England. If your property is affected by blocked drains call today on 0151 668 0833. Our engineer travels to your property and carries out appropriate tests to determine the exact cause of the drain blockage. Our engineer then carries out appropriate repairs and/or replacements.

How to know if your property is affected by blocked drains?

If you suspect your property is affected by blocked drains then you need to be aware of common tell-tail signs serving to confirm your suspicion. These signs typically include slow water drainage and a foul smell. These symptoms become progressively worse as time goes by. If you do not take immediate action your drains may need to be replaced. This service is available 365 days a year. We service businesses and households located in Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and North Wales.

Consequences of blocked drains

If you do not take action to unblock your drains, you may risk a number of expensive consequences for your inaction.

These consequences include:

  • Toilet overflow
  • Nasty odours due to bacteria from rotting matter. This is a danger to human health
  • Damage to surrounding objects including kitchen and bathroom units, ceiling and carpet

Causes of blocked drains

You may wonder how your drains became blocked in the first place. The cause of the blockage largely depends on where the drain pipe is located. For instance, a kitchen blockage is generally caused by the build-up of fats, grease, soap, silt, dirt or oil. These substances build up over time, eventually, causes a blockage. In contrast, bathroom blockages are typically caused by the build-up of hair and dead skin in your waste-water drain pipe. These substances result in either a blocked strainer or clogged up drain pipes. The result is the same regardless of the drain’s location: slow draining and a foul odour!

The solution

The obvious solution is to remove the build-up of oils, fats or hair that obstruct the flow of water into your drains. Our experienced drainage engineer achieves this objective using state-of-the-art drain jetting equipment. Your drains are thoroughly cleaned during this procedure. Your drain may require repair or replacement if jetting does not solve the issue. Our engineer utilises CCTV drain inspection equipment in order to diagnose the appropriate cause of action.

Preventative steps for the future

Once your drains are blockage free we advise you to clean your drains at least once a week. You clean your drains using chemical drain cleaning fluid sold at most supermarkets. You may also clean your drains using vinegar or baking soda. This action prevents the build-up of unwanted matter in your drain pipe’s inner walls. We also advise our customers to dispose of unwanted food into their bin rather than through their sink. This action significantly reduces the risk of future blockage.

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