Drain Jetting Liverpool

Drain Jetting is the fastest most reliable way of clearing blocked drains. We spray a powerful water jet into your drains that dislodges all sorts of blockages from children’s toys to an extra stubborn build-up of grease and fat.

Our team at RPDNW are specialists at dislodging items from drains and have all the specialist equipment at hand to ensure a quick resolution of your problem.

Unblocking Your Drains in Liverpool

We can unblock your drains with our specialised water jets across Liverpool. We can arrange a convenient time to visit your property or commercial residence and fix any issues you have with blocked drains.

Our team serve the whole of Liverpool with drain cleaning services including:

  • Liverpool City Centre
  • Vauxhall 
  • Kensington
  • Wavertree 
  • Old Swan 
  • West Derby 
  • Speke 
  • Kirkby 
  • Toxteth 
  • Prescot 
  • Aigburth 
  • Aintree 
  • Bootle 
  • Allerton
  • Huyton

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Whatever is Blocking Your Drains, We Can Fix it!

Our high-powered water jets can cut right through the hardest of materials. Years’ worth of build-up can be instantly vaporized, and your drains left spotlessly clean.

Best of all, water jet cleaning is very simple. We don’t have to dig up the road or create havoc in the household ripping up carpets and floors. Sewer pipes and drains are easily cleaned as our special hoses can navigate the bends in your plumbing until they reach the source of the blockage.

The powerful jet of water reaches 200 bars of pressure and different nozzles allow us to solve different blockages. These can vary from tree roots that have found a place outside causing interference to more localised blockages caused by hair, fat, grime and foreign objects.

How we use Water Jets

Water jets are used in many industries to clean concrete and strip paint from steel. When we arrive, we place a camera down the drain to identify the source of the problem. Then our experienced technicians will decide on what type of nozzle will be needed to unblock your drain.

We use different types of nozzles as some drains are wide and we need to jet spray a wider area, and sometimes we may need to be very precise whilst targeting to a specific obstruction or area.

After we have found the source of the problem, we blast it with our high-pressure water jet which will break the object into tiny pieces. When we leave, you have nothing to clean up, jet spraying is totally clean and non-intrusive.

Environmentally Friendly

Getting your drains jet cleansed is a super great option for the environment and your household. In the past toxic chemicals may have been used to break up blockages. These toxins find their way into the water system and like microplastics, can cause wider issues to the environment.

As we only use water to cleanse your drains, no harmful substances are released into the water system, a perfect solution for unblocking drainage issues.

How Long Does it Take?

When we visit your home to use a high-powered water jet in Liverpool the whole process usually takes around 1 hour.

Our service vans have everything we need to conduct a swift drain inspection and clearing. When we arrive, we make sure it is at a convenient time for your household or business.

Preventative Measure’s

Having your drains regularly cleansed will go some way in ensuring you never experience flood damage due to a blocked drain. It is a good practice to have your drains cleaned periodically every 2 years. Sometimes the build-up of fats is a slow process and it can take a couple of years before it causes an issue.

Many homes will have this build-up happening in silence right now and you may be unaware of the problem until the blockage becomes so great that nothing will pass. It is always a good practice to pour a kettle of boiling water down your sink on occasion to clear kitchen drains. This is always a good single preventative measure, but unfortunately, the deepest of blockages require specialist equipment to deal with the problem.

Get highly economical, fast and environmentally friendly drainage maintenance from RPD today. If you live in Liverpool, call the team on 0151 668 0833.