Can Blocked Drains Cause Damp?

December 18, 2020

Blocked drains are a common issue in households and within commercial properties.  However, when not effectively dealt with, blocked drains can cause a wealth of issues to arise. 

If you have noticed that damp has started to appear on the walls or ceilings of your home and now find yourself asking can blocked drains cause damp, you have come to the right place.  


How Do Blocked Drains Cause Damp?

Unfortunately, one of the most widespread issues caused by blocked drains is damp.  

As your drains become blocked by household waste, hair and debris, water flow through your drains will be obstructed.  This will eventually cause water to seep through your drainage system.

Gradually, this will see your walls, floors and ceilings penetrated.  As water trickles through the structure of your home, patches of damp will begin to appear and spread.


What Does Damp Look Like?

Have you noticed dark patches surfacing on your ceilings?  Have you identified that it looks as though water is trickling down your walls?

If you have noticed dark patches around your home or have identified that it appears as though water is trickling down your walls, damp is most likely present in your home.

If your drains are blocked and causing damp to appear throughout your property, you may also notice that your wallpaper begins to peel.  You will also identify an increase in condensation on mirrors, windows and doors.


Determining Whether Your Drains Are Blocked

If you are hoping to determine whether your drains are blocked and require the assistance of a plumber, there are a wealth of signs to look out for.  Below, we have outlined a handful of the signs that you will likely notice that indicates that your drains are blocked.

  • Foul and unpleasant odours coming from the drains in your shower, bath, sink and even toilet
  • Water drainage from your shower, sink, bath and toilet will become somewhat slow
  • If your drains are significantly blocked, water may not drain from your shower, sink, bath or toilet all
  • Your toilet water will continuously rise and in some cases overflow
  • A gurgling noise will arise from your drains

If, having glanced over the above signs that your drains are blocked, you have identified that your drains are indeed blocked, we would encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to ensure that your drains are unblocked quickly and efficiently. 

As touched on above, failure to unblock your drains when obstructions arise can cause damp to appear and cause significant problems to your properties drainage system.


What To Do If Your Drains Are Blocked and Causing Damp?

Having identified that blocked drains cause damp, you may be left unsure of what your next step should be.  Many homeowners will look to tackle blocked drains themselves with household products.  However, if damp is spreading throughout your home, we would advise taking advantage of our drain unblocking services. 

Blocked drains are usually easily remedied. However, if your drains have become significantly obstructed, damage to your drainage system may occur.  With this in mind, employing a professional to unblock and assess the damage to your drains is in your best interest, especially if you hope to avoid damp appearing in your home in the future.

As and when you take advantage of the drain unblocking services that we provide, we will carry out a CCTV drain survey.  This will help us to identify and uncover the obstruction or problem within your drainage system.  Upon doing so, our plumbers will be able to unblock your drains and carry out any necessary repairs.

In some instances, debris and scale will impair the functionality of your drainage system.  Regrettably, when debris and scale causes drains to become blocked, household products are not effective in the long term.  If, upon conducting a CCTV drain survey, we identify that your drains have become blocked as a result of scale and debris, we will employ our high-pressure drain jetting equipment to ensure that your drains are unblocked.

In the rare case that your drains have become blocked due to a fault in your drainage system, our team of plumbers can repair any damage.  If necessary, we will also replace parts of your drainage system.  Upon repairing and replacing your drainage system, we will conduct a thorough post-maintenance inspection to ensure that your drains once again work.

If you have noticed that damp has spread throughout your home at a somewhat rapid rate, we can provide emergency plumbing.  We have a team of plumbers available around the clock to ensure that any emergency repairs to your drainage system can be carried out.  This will ensure that water flow is restored and the spread of damp and mould in your home is mitigated as soon as possible.


Maintaining Your Drains

If your drains are blocked, we would advise that you ensure that your drains are regularly maintained.  As touched on above, blocked drains can cause damp to appear which, in turn, can damage your home.

In addition to unblocking your drains, at RPD, we can ensure that your drains are regularly maintained with our drain maintenance services.  Not only will maintaining your drains prevent damp from spreading around your home, but it will ensure that your water source and water flow works efficiently.

With our drain maintenance service, we will conduct a full on-site drain survey to determine any issues within your drainage system, unblock your drains, remove any obstructions from your drains, repair any damage to your drainage system and conduct regular drain surveys to ensure that the quality of your drainage system remains in top form.


Contact Us Today

If your drains are blocked and causing damp to appear around your home, our team of drainage specialists can assist you.

We can also support commercial clients and insurance companies that have located damp areas around commercial properties.

To obtain a personalised quote for the work you require, simply give us a call on 0151 668 0833 today. 


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