Replacing Lead Pipes with Plastic

If your house has been built before 1970, there is a chance that the pipework might be made from lead instead of plastic. This is a serious health hazard, and lead will affect the health of pregnant women and children. Lead was used in the years before the 1980’s, in nearly everything. From electronics to kitchens and plumbing. The government has since banned the use of lead in production for water pipes and other pipelines.  If you have any lead pipes in your pipe network, you should be replacing these lead pipes with plastic. Fortunately, RPD can help you with this.

How do I know if my house has lead pipes?

A few simple tricks and tips could determine whether your house has lead in the pipework. A simple trick is checking the water pipe, which would lead to your kitchen sink most times. If your water pipes are made from lead, the pipe leading to your sink would be lead coloured, and quite soft.

What kind of pipes are acceptable?

Any other form or type of pipes should be acceptable. Most of the times, copper pipes, galvanised steel or PVC plastic pipes will be an effective replacement. Copper pipes tend to be quite expensive, but they have a longevity to them. Another problem with copper pipes is that there is a chance that it will leech into your water, which can be also quite dangerous. Over consumption of copper has the potential to lead to nausea quite fast.

Why you should choose plastic pipes as a replacement

Plastic pipes tend to be much more cost efficient compared to copper. Whilst the longevity might not be as impressive as its copper equivalent but they are much more cost effective. Out side of that, we believe that the PVC pipes are indeed the best option when it comes to replacing lead pipes because they are less toxic in the long run compared to copper.

How much would it cost me to do the replacing of lead pipes with plastic?

There are numerous factors involved in calculating the cost of replacing a lead pipe within your home. Depending on the current system in place and the depth of your pipework, we can offer a competitive price. Call us now if you are based in the North West, and would like some more information on replacing your lead pipes.