Drain Jetting Wirral

The truth is nothing cuts through an unwanted build-up of depositories which cling to your drains faster than a beam of pressurised water.

All RPD engineers are equipped with high pressure drain jetting equipment which shreds filth which occupies your drains.


Kills Grease, Removes Unwanted Grime

There's good reason high pressure water jetting is utilised in industries throughout the Wirral & Liverpool... to cut through thick oils like bitumen...  to rip through solid steel... smash through solid rock... and eliminate graffiti from buildings and walls. All these unwanted items are removed using the same liquid you use to wash your children in and rehydrate your body with. If water can be such a powerful force to smash through rock and steel, it's the ideal weapon to keep your drains looking like new.

Build-ups of hair, grease and other disposables can come back and haunt you.  Blocked drains are a legitimate concern for most householders and businesses alike. Tree roots can burrow into vacant drains, setting up home and causing havoc in the process. Older ceramic varietiations of drainage are particularly vulnerable to such attacks. All of these unwanted guests in your drains are no match for RPD engineers who come equipped with high pressure drain jetting equipment, reaching highs of 200 bars of solid pressure. Anything above this level of pressure would blast straight through your drains.

Blast Tree Roots into Oblivion… Eradicate Grease Build-Ups… Extinguish Hair Balls

RPD maintain a fleet of vans and trailers which carry modern high pressure drain jetting equipment with an array of jet heads capable of cleaning all types of drains. The nozzle equipment we utlise includes:

  • Penetrating nozzle
  • Wide spray nozzle
  • Spring leader nozzle
  • Rotary nozzle

The nozzle we use varies according to the nature of the blocked drain. Our state of the art CCTV Drain Survey can be utilised post drain jetting to ensure the drains are in appropriate order.

Why Use Water Jetting

We use water jetting for the same reason the manufacturing, quarrying and oil industry use it because it works! In fact, nothing works as effectively and unobtrusively when it comes to removing dirt from your drains. High-pressure water jetting means we can avoid the hassle associated with digging up your entire drain pipe and as we only use water, we can avoid any environmental concerns associated with harmful chemicals.

A Preventative Measure

Here at RPD we recommend regular high pressure drain cleaning to avoid the consequences of blocked drains. If you're a commercial customer, why not consider our bi-yearly drain maintenance service contact; your drains will be jetted twice a year. For the busy trader, block drains can cause costly down-time in trading, so preventative action is the most economical choice.

Get highly economical, fast and environmentally friendly drainage maintenance from RPD today. If you live in Wirral, Chester, Liverpool, Manchester or North Wales, call the team on 0151 201 3455.


Drain Jetting Wirral