Interesting things found in drains

June 1, 2014

Most examples of blocked drains are caused by gradual build ups of substances like grease, food, hair and dirt. However, sometimes we get surprised by the things that we find stuck in our customers' drains. Some objects have a mysterious way of finding their way into people's drains and some of them border on the ludicrous. Here are some examples that we have found over the years.

False teeth

When we were called to fix a blocked drain in Liverpool, we performed a CCTV survey and found a set of false teeth. The customer was unaware of how this occurred and we're not sure either. False teeth are a common sight in drains and Severn Trent even display photographs of found teeth online so that they may one day be reunited with their owners (yuck!)



These little treasures are a common sight in drains today. Many people try to dispose of them quickly and do not always think it through. Not only can they get stuck in the pipes, they can also fill with water, dirt and food to cause a severe blockage that is not easily dislodged with a plunger. This requires professional assistance to unblock it.


Dolls head

When we were called out for an issues with a blocked drain in Bromborough on the Wirral, we found a severed Barbie head stuck down the pipe. Apparently, the customer's daughter had quite mischievous playing habits. Whats worse, the hair got matted with all sorts of gunk to create a severe drain blockage.


Mobile Phones

This is one that we get called out to more often than you would think. People get drunk, go the toilet whilst texting and OOPS! Yup, its gone. Before they know it, the phone has gone under and they need help getting it out. The phone is ruined and there is a severe risk of a major blockage developing.


Engagement Ring

This is another call that we get more often than we should. You're doing the dishes, having a shower or using the toilet and afterwards notice that the ring finger is bare. The consequences to your drains are less severe, but it can cause some awkward conversations with the customers' partners. Jewellery is a common sight in drained, especially with small chains and earrings. At RPD, we can come to you, find out where the lost piece of jewellery is and retrieve it with the minimum amount of disruption.


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