Blocked Drains Woolton

Unblocking Drains in Woolton, Liverpool for over 15 Years.


We have been unblocking drains in Woolton and surrounding neighbourhoods for over 15 years. We understand what issues people may encounter when they have a blocked drain and the urgency with which they must be resolved.

Most blocked drains we are called out to in Woolton are simple tasks for our experienced plumbers and drainage technicians. If you have a blocked kitchen sink or toilet, we can have these issues quickly resolved within 30 minutes and be on our way.

Blocked Sewer in Woolton

If you have a blocked sewer in Woolton this can back up into your home. Sometimes you may notice your toilet is backing up. Hereafter inspecting the immediate pipes and drains, we also need to check the external network outside.

This is a relatively simple task where we inspect the sewer with our CCTV equipment and can safely blast away any blockages with our industrial high-pressure jets.


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