Drain Unblocking Liverpool

A blocked drain can be a nightmare. One day you are experiencing no problems, and the next day your drain is sluggish or blacked and there maybe a strong smell originating from your drains. Do not panic, blocked drains frequently occur. In the United Kingdom, there are more than 366,000 drain blockages per year, and nearly 3000 flooded homes due to a blocked drains. Luckily, RPD NW offers a complete drain unblocking Liverpool service.

Drain Unblocking Liverpool

How to spot a blocked drain and the main causes of drain blockages

Blocked drains and partial drain blockages are quite easy to spot. A strong odour coming from your plug holes and drains can be a sign of an obstruction or blockage in the pipes. Another symptom to look out for is a slow draining toilet, shower, bath or sink. In some severe cases, the water may not drain away at all due to a total blockage. If your pipes sound different than they normally do, that also might indicate that you need to get your drains inspected.

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Often, blocked drains can be avoided since many drain blockages are caused food, materials and items being flushed down the pipes. A main cause of a blocked drain in the kitchen is the remnants of your food stuck in the pipes or solidified grease and oil that has been poured down the drain. Around 360,000 tonnes of grease, oil and saturated fats are deposited down drains and into UK sewers each year, which is a cause for drain unblocking Liverpool. In a similar way fatty food increases the circumference of our waistline, fats can narrow the circumference of drainage and sewage pipes, threatening blockage and back-up. Combine the fat and oil deposits with other waste such as wet wipes, nappies and earbuds it can give the grease structural bondage, which makes the blockage stronger and harder to remove.

How we can help you solve it?

We have helped many people with drain unblocking Liverpool over the years. We employ many different tactics to deal with blocked drains, depending on the severity and type of blockage. For severe drain unblocking, we often use a High-Pressure water jet. This is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly method of dealing with simple blockages in pipes. However, in some cases the drain needs to be fixed or even replaced.

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Drain Unblocking Liverpool FAQ

Are my drains public or private? 

Drains have boundaries, and every drain within the boundary of your property, is your responsibility. Once the drain is beyond your boundaries, it the becomes the responsibility of the local water companies, in the case of Drain Unblocking Liverpool will become United Utilities;.

Who is responsible for the sewer on my property? 

You are legally responsible for maintaining the drains inside the boundaries of your property. You are free to choose how to maintain your drains or repair your Drain Unblocking Liverpooland which company will carry out this work. In some cases some of the drainage network is located in a property with multiple houses, for instance a block of flats. In this case all owners who have a stake in the building are mutually responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the drains.