How to Prevent a Blocked Drain

November 30, 2018

Finding a problem with the drains is something most home owners have experienced. The most common causes of blocked drains could have been avoied, prevention is better than cure! At RPDNW, we are experienced with blocked drains and through these experiences we have complied a list of a few tips to help avoid blocked drains. Hopefully these points will help you to keep your drains unblocked and save you money, time and hassle.


Do not let solids get into your drains

Over the years, at RPDNW we have been called out to fix blocked drains in Wirral and blocked drains in Liverpool alike. We also have seen a lot of odd objects stuck in a sink where they do not belong – such as food, toys and even air fresheners.

The most common causes of blocked drains are tea bags, coffee granules and fat/oil. Kitchen drains are not built to handle anything other than water; drains are made to get rid of water in your sinks, not food, tea bags or anythign else. When cleaning the dishes make sure all leftovers are removed from the plate before washing.

The bathroom, in particular the toilet, can be mjor contributors to blockages within drains. Do NOT flush anything but human waste and toilet paper. In modern times, nappies, female hygene products and wet wipes are the main culprits.


Drain guards

You need to ensure that nothing other than water can go down the plug or get into the drains. You can employ internal and external drain guards for protection. The internal guards sit over your plug hole to filter out unwanted food and other solids; when finished they can be empited into a bin or composter. An external drain guard covers the drain outside so no gerden water or litter can get down.


Avoid pouring oil and hot fats down the drain

Oils and hot fats are common causes of a blocked drains. Hot saturated fat takes on a liquid form which can easily be disposed of down the drain. The problem with hot liquid saturated fats is that when they cool they become solid. Evrytime hot fats are oured down the drain they will solidify and stick in the drain pipe which narrows the working width of the pipe. A narrow pipe is not as efficient at getting rid of water so the process slows down. Fats and oils can be very difficult to remove from a blocked drain.

blocked drain

Clean out your sink and take measures to prevent a blocked drain

Good up keep and regular maintenance can help ensure drains are kept clean and efficient. To help keep the drains in good condiditon you can:

  1. Run hot water every time you use the sink
  2. Mix baking soda with hot water and pour it down the sink
  3. Pour a cup of vinegar into the sink at least 30 minutes before using it


By adhering to these simple practises you can help keep your own drain block free. Not all blocked drain or other drain problems can be avoided. If yo need any help with a blocked drain call our blocked drains engineer today on 0151 2013455. 


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