Protect your drains from leaves this autumn

October 17, 2013

Now that autumn is here, the weather will change and so will the colour. The sky will become gloomy and the trees are turning brown. It is only a matter of time before those leaves will start falling and creating all sorts of problems. Mix in some rain and the leaves will decompose to leave you with a terrible mess. Not only are wet leaves a slip hazard, they can cause havoc with your drains.

They cause problems in two main areas. First of all, leaves can block your grids, preventing water from getting into the drains. This means that rain water could back up into your yard or garden, which can potentially cause flooding or degradation. Secondly, leaves can get into your drains and cause blockages from within. This is a serious problem which could potentially require a professional to fix.

During the autumn months, your priority should be to keep your yard free of leaves. You should be proactive and perform regular clean ups to prevent the foliage from decomposing. Here are some ways that you can protect yourself.

Use a Brush – This is the most effective way to keep your yard free of leaves, yet it is also the most overlooked. Use a good quality brush to gather a pile of leaves and dispose of them in an appropriate bin.

Check your Grids – Make sure that your grids are in good condition. All too often, the grate will be missing, giving leaves free access to go straight down your drains. One this happens, it is very difficult to reverse. If a blockage occurs with your drain, you may need a professional to fix it.

Inspect your grid regularly and clear away any leaves that may gather on top. Make sure that blockages do not occur on top as water will find somewhere else to drain away. This could potentially cause floods or degrade your paving. Some people also use a plastic or metal net to cover their grid with. This makes removing leaves very easy without the yuckiness.

Maintain your drain pipes – Leaves are not restricted to getting into your yard, they can also end up on your roof. Make sure that they do not get into your drain pipes, if they do then they are a lot more difficult to clear. Not only can it give leaves a direct route into your drains, but it can also prevent water from going down the pipes and cause them to overflow.

There are devices out there that can make this job a lot easier for you such as gutter brushes. These will sit inside your drain pipe and prevent anything from getting inside except for water.


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